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Technology in a yurt that you may not know about 

Release time :2022/03/17
Technology in a yurt that you may not know about

People often say: "The Mongolian yurt is the most significant feature of the material culture of the Mongolian people.It can be said that to understand everything about the ger is to understand the real life of the general Mongolian people.This sentence brilliantly pointed out that the ger in the nomad's life plays an important role.Yurt architecture has a long history, stable structure, enduring must its own advantages, yurt has what we do not know the technology?Next we walk into the Mongolian steppe to understand their accommodation - yurts

Why are the yurts on the grassland round?

Yurts for the sky dome, a round, wooden frame outside with white wool felt covered.Because it is circular, consumable material is little, so stand on prairie, the resistance in blizzard is small, again big in earthquake also won't be out of shape, the top does not accumulate rain and snow again, cold air is not easy to invade, it is very safe dwelling place.Although the appearance of the ger is small, but the use area inside the bag is very large, and indoor air circulation, good lighting conditions, warm in winter and cool in summer, not afraid of wind and rain, very suitable for often grazing ethnic living and use.Yurts can also be dismantled and rebuilt as the herdsmen travel.

Future module quickly assembles Mongolian house.

1. Module building--EPS new building material.

2. Quick constrution--module assembly,3H fast construction of Mongolian house.

3. Windproof seismic--dome house,windproof 12 level,seismic level 8.

4. Module assembly and mobile customization--Mongolian Yurt manor featured scenic spot.

5. Energy-saving, flame retardant, durable -- EPS special module building materials, spherical.




Future New Materials Co.,LTD. Main products:Dome house,star house,modular assembly house,prefabricated building.Our company has its own factory production,independent research and development team,international standard advanced technology,committed to energy conservation,environmental protection,low consumption,rapid housing construction industry,home stay residential engineering,new agriculture and other areas of core key technologies.The graphene EPS module is quickly assembled in 2 hours.It has the characteristics of heat preservation,wind proof,shock proof,flame retardant,energy saving,etc.The thickness of the module is up to 18cm.Replace the traditional brick-and-mortar structure,cost-effective,rapid installation,reduce construction waste, a few hours can be completed,novel and varied modelling,arbitrary assembly.


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Address:No 82. Xingshun Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China