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Dome House - Feature introduction 

Release time :2022/03/16
Dome House - Feature introduction

Dome house adopts graphene EPS material, adopts module combination assembly method, standardized module production, and has low material loss.Simple construction, flexible operation and simple installation.A small number of workers can be installed, reduce production costs, production cycle is short, construction process without construction waste.



 Module dome house belongs to prefabricated movable and detachable building, which can be applied for temporary land (temporary housing) building, and has the characteristics of living and landscape. It is a new type of house with strong practicality, warm in winter and cool in summer (heat preservation and insulation).

The module of dome house adopts the structure of dovetail trough, and has a firm organic bite with the precastration layer to prevent cracking and falling off.

Graphene modular rapid assembly house has heat insulation, fire resistance, wind resistance and seismic resistance, pressure resistance and snow resistance.


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Address:No 82. Xingshun Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang, Liaoning, China